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Parts Daddy is an independent company specialized on distribution of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical components.

With over 5 years experience in the retail sector and a thorough knowledge of the market of electronic components supply, Parts Daddy is positioned today as a privileged interlocutor between supply and demand.

With this knowledge of the market, Parts Daddy has developed over time a network of effective and reliable suppliers internationally (Europe, America and Asia). With our expertise and our network we can provide you with a more expanded offer of products and services.

Parts Daddy is composed by more than 450 brands of producers all around the world complying with the standards ISO.

A team of experienced professionals assist you in the management of your Supply Chain and brings you technical solutions adapted to your needs and this regardless of the size and type of activity of your company (public or private): military, rail, aviation, aerospace, medical, automotive, telecom, computing, etc.

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